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With lots of beautiful curly koa for the mountains and curly mango for the beach, this colorflow painting draws you into a beautiful secret cove. I’ve always liked the idea of a special place to go and this painting takes me there. Includes an integral koa frame.

Available at Isaacs Art Center in Waimea.

32″ h x 48″ w

Shipping & Sales Policy


Shipping is not included in the price since each piece and ship to destination is different. I will provide a price quote following your order, and send a separate shipping invoice via email. If you'd prefer to learn the shipping rate in advance, please contact me and let me know what piece you are interested in and where you'd like it sent. I will get back to you as quickly as possible. (People often say my crates are a work of art.)

All Sales Are Final

As a small, custom art business, I do not accept returns--all sales are final. However, I do stand behind my work so if you experience a problem, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve it.

Since wood is a living medium and never loses its ability to expand and contract, please keep it away from heating/air conditioning vents, fireplaces, windows, etc. Please see the enclosed care card for your piece since I use several different finishing options depending on the piece itself.

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Curly Koa Calabash

Beautiful curly koa calabash 6" h x 12.5" dia.
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Resin colorflow painting with white edges 30" h x 20" w
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Resin colorflow painting with 1-1/2" wide curly koa frame 36" x 24"
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Koa wood, sand, & resin colorflow painting with integral koa frame 30" h x 40" w Available at Hana Coast Gallery
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Koa wood, sand, & resin colorflow painting with integral koa frame 48" h x 72" w
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21 in. Koa Calabash


This crotch of a large koa tree was too precious to let go to waste. I rough turned this calabash a year and a half ago--leaving it about 1 inch thick and waxing the exterior just like my mentor, Dan DeLuz, taught me to. After it dried, I began finish turning it and all the little impact fractures appeared. The tree had apparently fallen onto a branch that was part of this crotch, so one side showed all this fine crack lines. Thankfully, Hawaii is the one place where a repaired bowl has more value than a perfect one. I set about using pewa, or butterfly, patches to make sure the piece wouldn't fracture any further. After several days of repair work, and 117 pewa patches, the piece is now complete. Don't you agree that it was too beautiful to let end up in a rubbish pile? Measures 21" diameter x 12-1/2" h.
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Koi Platter

Made from koa, mango, and padauk, with our signature translucent details, this platter is inspired by the joy of koi. They always make us smile. Each platter takes seven days to create, and uses nearly every tool in the studio. Measures 14" diameter x 3/4" deep and includes a koa stand that measures 6" d x 3/4" h. Price includes shipping to the US mainland via Priority Mail. Small bubbles may be visible and are a natural part of the process.
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Sand & Surf Series 4

Sand & resin colorflow painting with white frame 19" x 25"
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Waipio Lookout

Koa wood, black sand & resin colorflow painting with integral koa frame 24" h x 36" w Available at Tiffany's Art Agency
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12.5 in Koa Calabash w Pewas

Koa Calabash 5.25 in h x 12.5 in diameter with 8 pewas
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